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A Novel, an Award Winning Multiplayer Game, a Betting Platform, and a Cryptocurrency: SKARA Spreads Its Wings

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LONDON, January 20th, 2018 — For growing companies, it may be a good idea to take the Hydra approach.

By mimicking the many headed snake that figures in Greek mythology, the company can grow in many directions, letting one project learn from another.

“It is fascinating to see how the development studio has grown from the experience of running an Initial Coin Offering,” said SKARA CEO Pablo Rodriguez, “Many of the staff involved in these new endeavors have brought something new back to the game itself, and a deep knowledge of the game has aided the ICO groups from knowing how best to fit the cryptocurrency elements into the design.”

The result? Oodles of innovation.

“We are doing our best to keep up with our creativity–it is easy to get carried away,” said project manager Marc Boulesteix, who doubles as SKARA’s CMO. “But inspiration like that is hard to beat when it comes to motivation.”

With a simultaneous game launch and token sale, there’s plenty to do.

“The task lists are frightening for newcomers, such as our new batch of game testers and community engagement team,” Boulesteix smiles. “But we just take it day by day.”

The community has been eagerly awaiting the beta launch and the introduction of a cryptocurrency SKARATs, which can be used to secure player’s game assets, purchase new ones and even trade or sell them to counter parties outside the SKARA platform.

“I think the game assets are some of the most beautiful bits of artwork in a game I have ever seen,” said long-time player and SKARA community member Stez. “Certainly they will be valuable compared to what you see in successful eSports games today.”

Craftsmanship at the SKARA team goes beyond the actual game to the world that’s been created around it.

Rodriguez reminds us that it was actually the other way around.

“The SKARA script came first,” he explains. “I had a vision about the story of two characters who reunite again after several years and have to face a cataclysm in the middle of a Fantasy world. As cliché as it could sound, everything changed as soon as I started to develop the world of Skara to give context to that story.”

The debut novel, SKARA The Time of the Two Suns, written by Rodriguez, will be released in Spanish next week.

As the hydra heads continue to sprout up, SKARA is actively looking for others working on similar projects, finding win-win partnerships to be immensely gratifying.

“Sharing knowledge and expertise is so rewarding and valuable,” said SKARA co-founder Cesar Ortega. “We are developing great partnerships in the eSports realm, the crypto realm, and even the traditional publishing realm. Expect some great things to come from these partnerships.”

SKARA’s ICO is the home of one such partnership with a major new crypto player in Europe, Blockchain Reserve.

“We heard about SKARA last year and immediately saw the potential,” said Blockchain Reserve founder and CEO James Roy Poulter. “The blockchain space is perfectly suited for their approach to empowering players by securing their digital assets.

Other partnerships with other games, in eSports and even eSports betting are waiting in the wings once the Initial Coin Offering finishes, February 23, 2018

Although the offering is already oversubscribed, the SKARA team encourage newcomers to sign up for SKARATs now.

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A Novel, an Award Winning Multiplayer Game, a Betting Platform, and a Cryptocurrency: SKARA Spreads Its Wings

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